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We manufacturing profile type Bearings specially designed for automotive application we Considering road, operating condition and environment condition we continuously thinking how to increase the bearings performances and we have done so many improvement in material design and manufacturing process and change the geometry of race way this is known as multi arc profile

This profile having imitable features & Benefits

  • Improved load carrying capacity
  • Reduce friction and starting torque
  • Reduce wear and maintenance
  • Reduce failure in misalignment
  • Increased service life
  • Improved operating reliability and safety

Forging Process:
We use high quality bearing steel SAE52100 or 100Cr6 [high carbon chromium bearing steel] internationally accepted grade to make bearings.

Spheroidized Annealing Process

Turning Process:
The next step is turning of the rings. We have in house CNC turning machine to meet our customer requirements. Each rings are inspected dimensionally and visually to achieve zero defect.

Heat Treatment:
To boost their rigidity they undergo through process of quenching then super cooled which enhances lifespan of bearing then to increase wear resistant properties then are held at 150 – 200 C then cooled slowly in process called tempering.

Grinding Process:
We have Fully automated CNC grinding line with fanuc controller with in process gauging system from Marposs, Italy which ensures perfect size control in extremely small dimensional tolerances, in the middle of the tolerance zone and thus helps in achieving zero defect targets.

Super Finishing Machine:
This process is carried out to achieve desired ra value on inner and outer track for smooth movement and long life.

Each ring is passed through quality control parameter of visual & dimensionally.

Assembly & Packaging:
We have fully automatic bearing assembly machine, marking, washing, oiling and automatic wrapping machine.

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