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Cylindrical rollers have linear contact with the raceway,and the bearings can carry heavier load. Applications are found in situations characterized by heavy load and shock load and also high rotation speed.

The N type and NU type bearings can be movable along the shaft. They can adapt the position changes between the shaft and housing caused by the thermal expansion or the mounting erro and are most suitable for free end shafts.

NJ and NF types can accept certain axial load in one direction, and NUP type can accept certain axial load in two directions.

Inner ring and outer ring can be separable, and they are conbenient to mount and dismount.

The rigidity in carrying radial load in the NNU and NN types make them applicable for machine tool spindles.

FC, DCD and FCDP type can carry comparatively heave radial load and are mainly applied for mill rolls.

Applications of these bearings are mostly found in middle-sized and large-sized motors, electricity generators, internal comubustion engines,machine tool spindles, deceleration devices, unloading and lifting machines and other industrial machines.

Single-row cylindrical roller bearings

NU type and N type cylindrical roller bearings allow the shaft to move in the axial direction within certain limits in relation to the housing. Therefore, they can be used as bearings on the r\free end of the shaft.

NJ type cylindrical roller bearing can carry the axial load within certain limies in double directions.

Double-row cylindrical roller bearings

There are cylindrica bored and taper bored cylindrical roller bearings. There may be lubricating holes or groovws on the outer rings of these bearings.

Mostly these bearings are used in machine tool spindles, but they can be used in other situations too.

Four-row cylindrical roller bearings

Four-row cylindrical bored and taper bored cylindrical roller bearings can carry much heavier radial load and shock load.

They have higher manufacturing precision and can be used to meet high rotational speed requirement. Mostly these bearings are used in the rolling mills and some other cases.

Technical Specification

Serial No Bearings Bore OD Width Weight(K.g)
1 NJ305 EC 25 62 17 0.246
2 NU209 MN 45 85 19 0.482
3 NU307 MN 35 80 23 0.585
4 NU2209 MN 45 85 23 0.598
5 NU 309 45 100 25 0.855
6 NJ 309 45 100 25 0.890
7 191584 46 80 23.5 0.500
8 CRL – 6 19.050 47.625 14.285 0.130
9 CFM 10 31.75 79.375 22.225 0.541
10 LO 64 25.4 53.975 28.575 2.282
11 JC 8002 30 62 19.05 0.275
12 RXLS – 3.1/4 82.550 120.650 19.050 0.990