TEC Bearing is well chemical analysis laboratory for aneling the chemical composition of prime row material SAE-52100 steel. Company have also facility of checking the metallurgical structure bearing components. we maintaining consistent Quality of micro structure as per norms in prime row material as well as in hear treated rings, rollers and balls. We also consider the noise and vibration of tapered cylindrical ball bearing and deep groove ball bearings we also check the visual inspection of components & final assamably.

Currently we have Roundness and Roughness of Mitutoyo make in our standard room for quality control so that each and every report of manufacturing batch can be submitted to customers.

~ Mitutoyo Roundness RA-120A

~ Mitutoyo Roughness SJ-412

~ Standard gauge for calibration

The Company has been awarded an ISO certified. this glimpses the TEC quality Eye and awareness of quality control vision and well maintained Quality standard which are reflected in its bearing manufacturing philosophy that continuously monitor process and procedures effective at each stage of production to ensure precise accuracy of the TEC Bearing.

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