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Manufacturer of High Quality Bearings For Over 32 Years

We are proud to introduce our selves as TEC Bearing. A leading quality provider of Automobile and Industrial Bearings and Quality Services. The Company was established in 1990 by professionally qualified and experience promoter to manufacture Ball and Roller Bearings. The company has vast experience of over 32 years in manufacturing and exporting quality bearings. Within this period company has establish its name in the replacement market as well as original equipment manufacturers.

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To offer our customers our company produces excellent products by our own accurate facilities, workers, meticulous operations and inspections. We have many accurate facilities with advanced technology.


Continuously monitor process and procedures effective at each stage of production to ensure precise accuracy of the TEC Bearing.


TEC Bearing is well chemical analysis laboratory for aneling the chemical composition of prime row material SAE-52100 steel.

A Leading Quality Provider of Automobile and Industrial Bearings and Quality Services


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